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MIPS/Securika 2016 international exhibition results

From March 14 to March 17, our team headed by the director general took part in the largest international exhibition MIPS/Securika 2016.

24 March 2016

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Dialog-Ex System

Dialog-Ex — Analog-addressable system for explosive areas

20 November 2015

Explosion-proof siren

10 October 2013

Our customers

The Company

Eridan Company started production of explosion proof fire alarm systems in 1999, when the IP103-2/1 detector appeared. Since then, we have strengthened our position significantly thanks to development and production of high quality equipment designed for ensuring safety of people and various facilities with explosion hazards in different climatic zones, including the polar and coastal regions.
Products of Close company Eridan are noted for their state-of-the-art and original intellectual and technical solutions as well as for their reliability.....