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Explosion-proof siren

The number of companies engaged in activities involving use and formation of explosion mixtures (mixtures of gas, dust and air) grows year after year. In the light of the situation at hand, fitting such enterprises with high precision specialized equipment takes center stage. Eridan, CJSC, company specializing in design and manufacture of explosion-proof equipment, offers a wide range of safety tools for operationg under extreme climate conditions. Our products can be used even in coastal ares of Russia and in the Arctic.

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Explosion-proof siren: intended use

Explosion-proof siren is designed for generation of a power acoustic signal. It is used in automatic fire fighting and fire alarm systems at explosive facilities. It is worth mentioning that use of acoustic annunciators is limited by current strength in electric networks, which inevitably leads to the siren power reduction. This can be avoided by means of innovative hardware components, for example, energy efficient LEDs with bright luminous flux and piezoelectric radiators for acoustic notification. This is the kind of equipment that Eridan, CJSC is ready to offer.

We design devices that provide reliable protection for people and facilities in any climate conditions. Our devices can easily operate at temperatures ranging from -60°С до +200°С without any alteration of their initial operational performance. Technologies applied during production process fully comply with the quality requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011.

Explosion-proof siren VS-07e: advantages

Explosion-proof siren VS-07e stands out from acoustic annunciators listed in Eridan, CJSC catalogue. This device is designed for generation of acoustic/light and acoustic signal in security and fire alarm systems in 1 and 2 class explosive areas. Two signal types are available: “siren” and high-low signal. Another modification is available as well: VS-07e-I with light indication. Color in standby mode: green (G), blue (B), in alarm mode: red (R), yellow (Y).

These are the advantages of this device as compared to isimilar devices:

  • explosion-proof enclosure Ex;
  • rigid aluminum body;
  • ingress protection rating IР65;
  • operating temperature ranging from -55°С to +70°С;
  • explosion proofness marking 1ЕхdIIСT6
  • light indication in four modes

To make an order, you can contact us via telephone or email. We will be happy to answer any question you may have. By phone or by email - whatever you choose, our specialists will advise you on technical features of our products and make the right choice!

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