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Explosion-proof videocameras

Application and advantages of explosion-proof cameras

Explosion-proof videocameras

Video surveillance forms an integral part of safety and technological process control system at any modern production facility. At oil and gas, chemical, coal and other industrial facilities where high chances of explosion or fire exist installation of special explosion-proof videocameras is appropriate.

Video cameras  ТВК-07-С ТВК-07-А

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Application of protected explosion-proof cameras

Explosion-proof videocameras are used at potentially hazardous facilities thanks to their high thermoprotection degree. They are used for surveillance and remote control of:

  • technological processes and condition of involved equipment;
  • seldom-visited, remote facilities;
  • hard-to-get and dangerous sites;
  • production and storage sites for highly explosive materials in order to prevent unauthorized access, stealing and accidents.

Advantages of explosion-proof cameras

These are the main advantages of explosion-proof cameras:

All Eridan branded explosion-proof thermohousings are installed at you facility by experienced technicians using special tools and in accordance with the operation conditions specified by the customer. This will make maximize cameras’ reliability and operation time. Customer may install cameras without our assistance, if he so desires.

Eridan explosion-proof thermohousings guarantee safety and highest quality.

  • Special sealed thermohousing made of aluminum alloy, stainless ot galvalized steel with high mechanical strenght.
  • Dust- and moisture-proofness of the device body.
  • Special cooling and heating system allowing operating at extreme temperatures indoors and outdoors (+1 to +200°С), (-60°С… +60°С) - the glass and the inner space of the camera are heated independently preventing condensed vapor formation.
  • High quality lens system with possibility to adjust focal distance, optical zoom and variofocusing.
  • High quallity video signal with the distance of 100 m (composite) to 2000 m (with inbuilt amplifier connected by means of twisted pair), via optical fiber.
  • Short circuit, overheating, supply circuit opening protection system.
  • Thermohousings may as well be equipped with optional infrared lighting.

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