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Video surveillance without borders

Climate and technical tests of the thermohousings ТВК-07-С, ТВК-07-Н, ТВК-07-В with installed video cameras «AXIS» and «Panasonic» have been successfully carried out by the technicians of Eridan, LLC.

Based on the results of the tests «AXIS» company recommends P1343/P1344 network videocameras, «Panasonic» - WV-CZ392/WV-CZ492 for installation in Eridan, CJSC thermohousings.

Thermohousing main characteristics:

  • Stable operation at the ambient temperature range from -60 to +50°С
  • Separate glass and internal space heating
  • Explosion-proof marking 1ЕхdeIICT6/РВЕхdI/1ЕхdIICT6
  • Case material options (stainless steel/zinc galvanized steel)
  • 12 mm shock resistant viewing glass
  • High mechanical strength and dust-proofness and water resistance (IP67)
  • Is equipped with a bracket, canopy, universal input devices